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Famous lines from famous people on memorable trips!
"I got fucked without removing my pants!" "I'm getting mine, that's all I care about." "Limey what kind of donkey are you?" / "I'm a flying, talking donkey!" "My box needs servicing!" "Pizza's here!" (cheezy porn music pips in, created by Big Daddy) "I don't want to be 2nd in line with 3 behind me!" "I've been slapped harder by a $2 whore on Tuesday!" "What rhymes with Baldwin?" / "Bitch in a round-a-bout sort of way!" "99.... burrrrrrp.... 100!!!!... (pause) BLAH!!!!!! (puking)" "Spandex is a privledge, not a right" "Scott and Steph don't use words like ooo and aaa when having sex, they use words like...................Oh Scott, your so Orgasmatronic" (While watching 'A Thin Red Line') "Toooo the trees!" "Well, I think it's ab-sym-al!" / "I believe it is pronounced abysmal!" (after walking in on his sister having sex) "Hey Jay, can I spend the night at your place tonight?" "I've had much to drink officer!" "Why are you here?" / "That's where the car went!" (sound of puking in the background at 7:30 in the morning) "Hey Scott, are you ok?" / "There's nothing like waking up to the sound of someone puking their guts out" "What time is it?" / "Rye time!!" "If I could suck my own dick, I wouldn't leave the house!!" "Hey Jay remember the last time we wrestled?" / "Do I? Yeah, I dammned near got you pregnant!" "Oh wait thats not your ear" / "Hey thats not a q-tip" "How you doin'?" / "Better than him!" "What are your hands doing under my shirt?" "What are you two doing, giving each other fucking foot massages!"