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The Ultimate Female Orgasm

The Ultimate Female Orgasm 

This section on the Female Orgasm is here to help all men out there. It is a guide of sorts, of things to do, as well as things not to do. Even if you feel quite comfortable with where your at sexually with your partner, take a few moments and look this article over, you may still pick up something you can use. 


Foreplay! Foreplay! Foreplay! 

What is foreplay? 

Foreplay is anything before the act of intercourse that gets you excited. It takes women a lot longer than men to get aroused. A woman needs a lot of kissing caressing, and caring words. Wherever you begin, make sure it's comfortable and private. You want no interruptions. 

How important is kissing? 

Kissing is a great form of foreplay. It can also be widely exciting in itself. Start your kissing slow and gentle, but be firm and authoritative. Don't immediately open your mouth. Focus on using your lips to kiss her cheeks, her chin, and her neck. Then you can draw her lower lip into your mouth and run the tip of your tongue across her teeth. Caress her while you are kissing her. When you start to use your tongue try to keep your tongue slightly pointed and play little games with her tongue. Try focusing on teasing her a little. One thing you also might want to do is explore her gum line a little. That area can be very sensitive. 

What should I do with my hands when I am kissing her? 

What you do with your hands is very important in arousing a woman. As the kissing goes on fondle her through her clothes. Gently caress her breasts and locate her nipples through the garment. While you are kissing her lips and massaging her breasts, begin to unbutton, unzip, or slip down the top of her garment. As you are pulling her garment down, kiss along her sensual areas. The key to undressing is to take a lot of time with each item of clothing and as you remove each part of her clothing show special attention to that area. 

Where are her erogenous (sensitive) zones? 

Each body part is an erogenous zone, so treat it accordingly. Take it portion by portion. Rushing shows little confidence, so take it slow. Remember the best takes time. Pay special attention to these sensitive areas: Toes, lips, lower back, gums, teeth, tongue, nipples, earlobes, eyebrows, buttocks, ears, temple, inside of thigh. 

Why is teasing important? 

A woman wants self control in a lover. Bringing her slowly to what she wants sexually is the key to all female pleasure. Be patient and wait until she is delirious, craving and begging for you. Women love it when a man takes time to get to the point and just simply delays for a while. Until a woman's desire is intense, she enjoys being touched non-directly. For example, before a man should touch her breasts, he first should circle them for a while, getting closer and closer. Instead of just touching a woman in her most sensitive places, a woman wants to be teased or led up to the place where she is longing to be touched. You need to remember and focus on delaying direct stimulation to increase a woman's pleasure. You should never touch a woman between the legs until you are sure she is wet. A skillful male will first stimulate a woman's least sensitive areas first, defined above. The best way to tease a woman is by giving a little and then backing up to start over again. 

What happens physically to a woman when she gets sexually aroused? 

When you first excite a woman, her body goes through a number of physical changes. The most noticeable change you go through is the erection of your penis. A woman's vulva becomes congested with blood, just as your penis does. The labia majora swell and this causes them to draw back, exposing the inner lips and the entrance to the vagina. The inner lips may swell and change to a darker pink. The clitoris may also swell and stiffen. Another noticeable effect of sexual excitement in a woman's body is the secretion of lubricant by glands inside the walls of the vagina. This prepares the vagina for the insertion of your erect penis. Your partner's nipples will may stiffen and her breasts can swell. Her vagina will relax and deepen to give your penis plenty of room. 

How can I tell if she's having an orgasm? 

She will first feel her orgasm in the lower section of her vagina. The vagina will begin to contract rapidly and her anal muscles will contract involuntarily. Her urethra muscles go through the same spasm. During your partner's orgasm, her nipples will remain erect. Immediately after orgasm, her vagina will become very juicy with lubricant. The nipples gradually soften and the vulva loses its swelling. 

Secrets about the G-Spot: 

What is the G-Spot? 

Unlike men, women can orgasm several different ways, via clitoral, vaginal, or G-spot stimulation. Your partner may already climax fairly easily with clitoral stimulation or during intercourse. However, there is an area for stimulation inside her vagina called the G-Spot that you may not have found. Most people don't know about it. The G-spot is a bean shaped mass of nerve tissue located about halfway between the back of the pubic bone and the top of the cervix. The G-spot is the focal point of the female sexual arousal. The size and location of the G-spot will vary from woman to woman, but it's usually about the size of a quarter, and lies two to three inches inside the vagina directly behind the pubic bone. You may be able to help her have added pleasure, experience new sensations, and perhaps have a new type of climax. 

Where can I find the G-spot? 

The G spot is not easily located. Sometimes women have a hard time finding it and do not even believe they have one. Here is an easy method to finding it. 

To explore this area, have your partner lie down, knees bent and feet flat on the bed, with a small pillow under her buttocks. Insert the length of your lubricated fingers into her vagina towards her navel. This will be about two inches inside the vagina. Press with one or two fingers against the front wall of her vagina. Because it's surrounded with tissue and is deep in the vaginal wall, you may want to apply a little more pressure than usual. When you stimulate the right spot, it will swell the way your penis does. Slide your fingers from side to side. Have your partner tell you when you hit the rightplace. She will be able to tell. When you find the sensitive spot, continue stimulating it and you may find that it becomes firm and swells much like the erectile tissue in your penis. 

How do I stimulate the G-spot? 

Now that you've found the G-Spot, kneeling between your partner's legs you can use the thumb of your other hand to gently stimulate her clitoris at the same time. This combination should give her very intense sensations. She may climax in this position, or you have the alternative of continuing in a different position. 

If your partner turns over onto her back, you can stimulate her G-Spot most easily if you lie between her legs. Then try inserting two fingers and rub against the bottom of the vaginal opening, press upward with the tips of your fingers until you are pressing her G-Spot. Move your fingers from back and side to side. You can give her great pleasure by licking your partners clitoris and stimulating her G-Spot at the same time. 

Another method is to have your partner lie on her belly with her legs spread apart and her hips slightly elevated. Insert your fingers with your palm down, into her vagina and explore the front wall. Have your partner move her pelvis to make contact with your fingers. As you feel your partner become more aroused, slip the other hand under her abdomen above her pubic hairs and slowly press. 

Is there anything else I should know about the G-spot? 

Many women enjoy the "doggy" position during intercourse because it stimulates the G-spot. This is because a man's penis has better access to the front wall of the vagina. Most women need firmer pressure to the front of the vagina, quick rhythm, and a lot of friction to have a G-spot orgasm. 

Some women get a feeling of the need to urinate at first when the G-Spot is stimulated. Your partner may need to empty her bladder before you begin love making. 

It's possible that by stimulating the G-Spot your partner may ejaculate a small amount of white or clear fluid when she climaxes. 

Mastering the Touch of the Female Clitoris: 

Where can I find the clitoris? 

To find the clitoris, peel apart the labia minora, the small lips, with the tip of your finger and slide it upward until you reach the little pink bump of flesh in the front. If you are in front of her, you can find it where all the whorls and folds of skin come together at the top of the vagina. The clitoris is about the size of the tip of your little finger. This is the most erotically sensitive spot in a woman's body. 

How is the clitoris similar to my penis? 

The clitoris is the exact equivalent to the penis, even though it is a lot smaller. In the early stages of fetal development, a penis develops in the male from the same tissue that develops into a clitoris in the female. Like the penis, the clitoris has many blood vessels and it becomes erect during sexual excitement. Because it is so small and a man generally doesn't realize how great it is for a woman when he touches her there. Imagine the clitoris like the entire head of your penis shrunk down to an area smaller than a pea. Unlike the penis, it does not carry urine; its sole purpose is receiving pleasure. 

What else should I know about the clitoris? 

The clitoris is very sensitive and requires a little flap of skin, like a hood, to protect it. This is also highly sensitive. The friction alone from this flap of skin is what precipitates most female orgasms. 

One side of the clitoris is normally more sensitive than the other. If she doesn't know which, you may need to experiment. 

When a woman becomes aroused, the clitoris becomes erect or engorged. The more erect it is the more it craves to be touched. Once your partner is very excited, keep a steady movement or pattern and you will assist her in reaching even higher levels of pleasure. 

Becoming an Expert at Oral Sex: 

What is cunnilingus? 

The arousal of a woman with your mouth and tongue -cunnilingus- is one of the most useful sexual variations known to man and is certainly one of the most stimulating experiences known to women. Your tongue and mouth are very versatile. They can suck, moisten, and use varied caresses. You can use cunnilingus as a way of making sure that your partner is satisfied, as a way of arousing your woman before intercourse, or as a substitute for intercourse. 

How do I introduce cunnilingus to my partner? 

When you introduce your partner to cunnilingus, go softly. Kiss the outer lips of her vulva without inserting your tongue. With the tip of your tongue lick at her clitoris very gently. Just use your tongue so you don't smother the clitoris and deaden the sensation. Don't forget while you are licking that you can use your hands to reach up and caress her breasts and her nipples. After you have stimulated the clitoris, part her outer lips with your tongue and insert your stiffened tongue into her vagina. At this point, you can carefully hold the outer lips apart and run your tongue tip back up to her clitoris. Lick it softly and steadily until she becomes more aroused. The persistent rhythmic licking of your tongue tip on her clitoris is what will eventually bring her to an orgasm. 

You can increase your partner's pleasure while you are licking her by inserting one of your fingers into her vagina. This can deeply increase her pleasure. 

Keep licking the clitoris for about 15 minutes. It takes a woman a lot longer to orgasm than a man. This is where stamina becomes very important. 

Once she becomes very excited, its important to keep a steady consistent movement. This can assist her in reaching higher levels of pleasure. 

A man might feel more comfortable performing oral sex on a women when he realizes that as long as she keeps herself clean and is healthy, licking her vaginal secretions is quite sanitary. You may want to take a bath or shower with your partner before performing oral sex. 

What are the most common mistakes? 

A common mistake many men make is licking the clitoris too soon, before the proper teasing has been done. Remember to take your time. -Using the same pattern on the same spot can get boring. Try to be creative -If you know a certain technique that drives your woman wild with excitement, try to bypass it and come back to it later. This will drive her crazy. 

Methods to Giving Your Partner an Orgasm: 

What are the best methods to bring my partner to orgasm? 

Method A: 
First you need to lie directly between her legs. 
Spread her vaginal lips far apart. 
Locate her clitoris beneath the clitoral hood. 
Using only your tongue, lick very gently up and down or side to side. 
While licking the clitoris you can slowly insert your finger into her vagina, twisting in and out. 
Method B: 
You need to first wet two fingers using your saliva. 
Insert your fingers slowly but deeply inside her vagina. 
Now very quickly slip your fingers out of her vagina and slide them over her clitoris again. 
Place your fingers back into her vagina again. 
Repeat, but prolong your contact with her clitoris. 
When you feel her having an orgasm, pull out of her vagina and focus on her clitoris. 
Method C: 
You need to first obtain an erection. 
Use your hand and press the head of your penis using a circular motion against her clitoris. 
Slide it down to her vagina with no penetration then slide it back again. 
Repeat steps 2 and 3 several times before penetrating only the head of your penis. 
Finally, when your partner is very excited and wet you can enter the vagina with your penis. 

Method D: "The Delayed Orgasm" You first need to tell her you want her to lie back as still as possible while you lick her clitoris. The object is for her to resist having an orgasm as long as she can. Why does this work? You are relieving her of all the pressure of having to perform. She doesn't have to act because she has enough time to orgasm. 

Female PC Muscle: 

How can strengthening the female PC Muscle be important? 

For women who have difficulty achieving orgasm, there may be a solution: a series of simple exercises. For men, these exercises seem to make erections easier and increase control of orgasm. 

The lack of orgasm in women during intercourse is very common, from 33% to 80% of all women. Doctors have confirmed that the ability to have orgasm correlates with the contraction strength of the pubbococcygeus, or PC muscle. Women who don't experience orgasms, tend to have weak PC muscles. 

Although the PC muscle is interwoven with and surrounded by four other sets of pelvic muscles, it is the master muscle of the pelvis muscles. When healthy and fit, it holds a taut straight line. When its weak, the PC and the pelvic organs it supports tend to sag, which can lead to urinary incontinence and other sexual problems. 

How can my partner strengthen her PC muscle? 

PC exercises are simple! They're deceptive, both because these minor movements can have such major health benefits and because it's easy to work the wrong muscle. The PC muscle is like any other muscle, with too strenuous exercises it can become sore. 

The PC muscle should be about 3/4 inches wide when fully developed. It's located about 2 inches within the vagina and runs circularly. This muscle contains most of the nerve endings found in the vagina and is the source of the sexual vagina feeling. 

First you need to find the muscle. Sit on the toilet, spread your legs as far as possible, and start and stop the flow of urine. For both women and men, the PC muscle is the only one that can accomplish this. Start and stop the flow three times to set the PC action in your mind. Then empty the bladder completely. To make sure of working the right muscle while exercising, women can insert a finger into the vagina and feel the contractions. 

Exercise 1 (Squeeze) Squeeze and hold the PC muscle for about three seconds .. relax .. and repeat the process. This exercise may be repeated as often during the day as desired. Short sets of 25 are recommended. If you become sore, it's important to stop exercising your PC muscle for a few days. 

Exercise 2: (Tighten) Contract and release the PC muscle about ten contractions at a time, depending on the condition of the muscle. The contractions during orgasms are more rapid. 

Exercise 3: (Holds) Maximally contract the PC and hold for 10 seconds. At the very end of the contraction, squeeze once rapidly, harder and deeper, then release for 10 seconds. 

All the exercises can be continued indefinitely. Increased muscle tone results in greater sensation during intercourse for both partners. Some men report that performing several voluntary contractions as they feel themselves getting closer to ejaculation enables them to last longer. Both men and women benefit greatly from a strong PC muscle.