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Jay Smeets' Bachelor Party
You are cordially invited to Jay Smeets' Bachelor Party celebrations. I hope you can all join me in having a blast and giving Jay a great send off. If you're heading down with us, make sure you bring a change of clothes - I hear the driver doesn't want her van repainted ;-) We're scheduled to arrive at Next Paintball at 1:30pm. We're on the field for 2 hours 2:00pm-4:00pm. Schedule as follows: 10:30am - Meet at Scott's. Bachelor Breakfast/Brunch out, with a side of hot wax for Jay. Arrive back before paint ball. 12:00pm - Depart Scott's in Newmarket for a rousing afternoon of Beer, Paint Ball, Beer, Lunch, Beer and then refreshments. 1:30pm - Arrive at Paint Ball... 4:00pm - ...Depart Paint Ball with war stories 5:00pm - Clean up and Re-grouping 6:00 - 8:00pm: Dinner (BBQ/pizza), drinks and poker 9:00pm - Kick off the evening festivities at Charle's house