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Re: lessons learned at bon echo
posted Friday August 17, 2001 @ 13:14 by theferg

Since Big decided to compile a list of lessons learned I felt the need to add some of my own:
-if constantly bugged to try something once the ferg will either break down and participate, or deck the person who is doing the bugging: theres a 50/50 shot of either of those activities occuring (note to readers, Big lucked out this time)
-children should NEVER be taken camping without leashes and muzzles (my dog was better behaved than most; well at least she shut up)
-bathrooms, steep gravel hills, dark nights, and drunk blondes do NOT mix
-you cannot die from ammonia poisoining (due to 'holding it') in one night, although i was certain it would happen
-theres no such thing as privacy
-large jugs of vodka mix are to be shared with more than one person
-bets should not be taken when drinking (re: "i bet we can drink this whole jug" "you're on!")
-arguing while drunk with a s.o. is NEVER a good idea (drunk voice: "ya're dumb, and i hope your...eyeballs fall out and you....DIE!"....gargle gargle, pass out)
- note the above mentioned did not occur as such ;) (well not exactly)
-lake water does not necessarily cause what we call in the medical community "itchy butt" (well i don't know about you Big)
-you'll always need a pair of tweezers (or a sterilized hunting knife) so never pack these items far away ;)
-and ABOVE ALL, according to our british friend dan, when engaging in sexual activities Big and I do not exclaim small, normal words such as "ooh" and "ahhuh"..we use BIG words such as..."orgasmatronic"

on that note, ferg out ;)

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