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Ottawa comes before Montreal, or so I hear...
posted Tuesday October 23, 2001 @ 18:15 by bigass

We arrived in Ottawa yesterday, after almost making it to Montreal.. So ok, my instructions for navigation arn't perfect, whose are?

Me and Randy hit the bar last night with his friend Chantal and a bunch of her friends. It was karoake, but luckily I kept the old r2k off the stage :)

I`m writing this on a MAC LC 520, iccccck. I can't get vnc working through java or the mac client, so fuck that. Netscape 3.0, woohoo.. and r2k adds in, "the javascript is fucked - R2K is in the house!!". HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO R2K.

So we're going out for tequila tuesday tonight, 2 dollar shots of guess what? TEQUILA! Anyways, time for dinner.. We hit the Rideau mall and downtown today. I wanted to get a picture of the homeless guy drinking Listerine on the corner, but I wanted to escape with my life today.. "life is good, life is good".

Don't worry ferg, randy is being a fun monger :) Aight, cyall soon..

Bigass out. (thumping chest in the represent mode)

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