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Cornwall and Bust
posted Sunday September 26, 2004 @ 09:30 by R2K News

Well i have made it to Cornwall to meet the rest of the family for my grandfathers funeral....

Drove up with Pam and Rob and the 2 kids. I tell ya, i got stuck in the back seat of a CRV inbetween the 2 kids. Talk about fitting a golf ball in a garden hose for 5 hrs.

Well on day 2 here and i'm of course meeting people that i never knew i had, but they know who i am. Apparently people can recognize me concidering they havent seem me sice i was 1 yr old. Bunch of liars i tell ya.

Plan to get pretty drunk tongiht and tomorrow just so i can sleep in the car on the way home, maybe that will help.

Oh well.

off to start drinking

posted by theferg on Sunday September 26, 2004 @ 16:58:

Oh I'm sorry Randy I didn't know...Hope you and the fam are doing ok...we'll see you when you get back I guess....

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