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new shiznat
posted Sunday September 26, 2004 @ 02:17 by nightwolf News

so ya, besides site being back up, not much else new. getting by day to day, might have a new career opportunity coming up soon which would be nice.

my car still isnt passing emission tests, grrr piece of shit. and the heater doesnt work so this winter is going to be a bitch, mostly with the fogged up windows on the drive to work. i gotta find a new ride soon, just need to fill that other gap called spare cash.

went out earlier with a few friends. we got kicked out of a bar in barrie which was kind of funny. apparently tonight is 30+ night, and no one under 30 was aloud in. this old irish dude walks up to our table and is like 'over 30?' and tells us to leave. kinda stupid cause the bar wasnt even 1/4 full, it was so empty, just old folks there.

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