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posted Wednesday September 1, 2004 @ 16:55 by nightwolf News

so im mostly moved into the new house. everything is out of storage, now the living room and garage are crammed full. gonna be a busy few weeks sorting stuff out.

dont have my stuff setup yet, just writing this on my laptop hooked up directly to the internet for now. its a real bitch trying to run cables around a 50 year old house, even the basement is fully finished, cant run stuff through the ceiling like i used to.

bork might be down for a bit in the next few days as i try and move stuff back in here.

ta ta for now.

posted by wolf on Saturday September 4, 2004 @ 18:32:

electrical sucks here. but having a walk out deck from my entertainment room is nice. sitting on the deck up here on wireless with laptop. awsome weather lately.

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