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posted Monday August 16, 2004 @ 22:31 by R2K News

well it's that wounderfull time of the year,
time of colder weather,
roof on jeep (somtimes)
less short skirts,

and another Evil Dead Fest!!

Friday Sept 17th
My place as usual
time will be 7:00pm
Every1 is invited
crash if u like

The excuss for not attending this year can't be:
I'm in Florida and my house was destroyed,
I'm in Japan filming MXC
I have laundry to do
My head still hurts from running into the wall last year

and I fully expect nightwolf to make me some of those GREAT mind numbing drinks!!

any q's let me know


p.s. I will not be responsible for any Halo games
that may break out afterwards

posted by biig [website] on Tuesday August 17, 2004 @ 10:05:

You know, it occured to me today that it has been years since I have seen fresh chestnuts falling under a tree.

posted by doggy on Wednesday August 18, 2004 @ 14:50:


posted by doggy69247 on Wednesday August 18, 2004 @ 14:51:

yea its about time u started wearing less short skirts dude

posted by R2K on Thursday August 19, 2004 @ 21:26:

I meant in the general public u idiots

posted by wolf on Sunday August 22, 2004 @ 22:45:

im low on my stash of drinks, but ill be sure to mix up some (non-poisonish?) concoctions for ya randy. ive got an evil dead 2 poster ill bring over for the occasion too.

my drinks last year only numbed your mind? ill do some body numbing ones this year then!

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