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Just some rantings
posted Wednesday November 14, 2007 @ 23:50 by Big Daddy Rants

Well, since my work hours means I never get to see you guys, I'll have to post my rantings here...

There's a few things I need to get off my chest. First are the new Canadian Club radio adds...For those of you who haven't heard them, they basically link Canadian Club to your fathers sex life before her met your mother. Now, as far as I'm concerned, association C.C. with my father having sex is not a good marketing ploy. If the idea is to stop underage kids from drinking it, they they did a bang up job, otherwise, the slogan "Damn right your Dad drank it" just makes me get a dry heave in the pit of my stomach.
My second issue is drivers. Period. Since I started working at Scholastic, I have seen first hand all the dumb things you all have been talking about for years. Drivers who change lanes without signaling are the least of my problems. People passing on teh indise when the outside lane is free. People who thing because there's a little rain falling ( and by little, I mean barely enough to turn on your wipers), they need do drop thier speed to nothing. When I'm passing people in the inside lane (of three) at 110 in the 404, there's a major problem. And what's with the idiots who see a cop and hammer thier brakes. First off, the cop saw you long before you saw him most likely. Second, what do you think will attract more attention, a car cruising along with the flow of traffic (at 110-120) or one hammering his brakes 10 feet infront of the cop car? Most (but not all) cops don't give a rats ass if you're doing 120 unless it quota time and they're really desperate.
My third rant subject is one I'm sure Biggie has hear me go on before. What the hell is with the Conservative attack adds against Stephan Dion? I'll be the first to admit that he's a panty waist, no nothing, unimpressive leader (and those are his good points) but last time I checked, there's not election going on. Attacking him because he "can't set priorities" reaks of desperation. If the adds were about something real, or at least during an election, I could understand. But out of the blue? They must think this guy is the second coming or something to sink to these Swiftboat Veterans for Truth measures.
Whew...Glad I got that off my chest. Looking forward to hanging out in the future with you all again, once all this damn overtime is done...the paychecks are ok, but the hours are killing me...

posted by biig on Tuesday November 20, 2007 @ 13:25:

Haha, I just heard the commercial you were talking about this morning. I was half awake, but I think the jist was:

"Your father was a philandering, drunken womanizer with multiple STDs who pounded back Canadian Club between laying down beatings and drunken romps with one-night-floozies. Damn right your Dad drank it."

Not quite the approach I would have taken.

posted by theferg on Thursday November 22, 2007 @ 13:02:

Heard those commercials lately and was thinking the same thing (so glad my dad didn't drink or have sex before he met mom - thats what I'm sticking to)

My favourite driver was the lady in the blue Cavalier who passed me on the unplowed shoulder (I was in the passing lane) on the 404 this morning. I look to my left and BAM, theres a blue car just crusing along and cuts me off without signaling. I've never had the urge to ram someone as much as this morning. Then I had to watch her check her hair and fluff her bangs all the way to the 401....

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