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What the Hell is wrong with the world?
posted Saturday May 12, 2007 @ 15:49 by Big Daddy Rants

I guess I'm putting this out there as an open ended question, but I really have to ask it. What the hell happened to the planet? Why does it seem so many people are dumber than ever before?

After an eventful day of surfing the web, or what ever the hell you call it, I must say my faith in the human race is greatly diminished (if it could get and lower). After watching a video where some bigoted idiot from the Westboro Baptist church claims that the Virginia Tech massacre was "Gods punishment for all of the persecution we have endured", and reading the editorial letter Biggie posted from some whack job claiming that changing daylight savings time is simply a ploy to make us think global warming is real. WTF?
How is it that people like this are still given a voice and are listened to. When someone comes out and says they wish 33000 people were killed, not just 33 as Virginia Tech, most logical people should say this guy is a whack job lunatic who should be locked up, no allowed to "preach" to people and colour their view of the world. Then again, form what I've seen, the Westboro Baptist church is a collection of bigoted southern loons who are as bad as Al Queada when it comes to religious intollerance and fanatical behaviour.
Ah well, guess I just needed to vent. Hopefully logic, common sense and common decency will prevail. The again, George W. was reelected, so maybe we're all doomed.

posted by biig on Monday May 14, 2007 @ 09:26:

Unfourtunately, the best thing about democracy in North America is also the worst. That being free speech. It enshrines your right to express thoughts, ideas and expressions. It does not protect against being offended, or being tasteless. I think it's great that these whackos can publish their views, for the most part. That's because it highlights to a broader audience how far these guys jam the needle off the idiot meter.

The fact that these guys can still preach their demented views means that it could always get worse. Enforced silence on the topic would be even scarier.

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