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BS Spam from BS corporations
posted Wednesday May 9, 2007 @ 13:19 by Powell Rants

These articles popping up as a result of Warner Brothers stopping all promotional screenings (early screenings) of their movies this summer is either sensible people debunking their stats/arguments or stupid people knuckling under to the big MPAA and other movie/industry money grubbers.

This really pisses me off and if they end up passing some law as a result of all this news spam by the movie industry then thats just another step down the rabbit hole that the USA is already stuck in. The reason why the Harper government is unable to pass such shit into law is that they know they would get backlash because of it. Its a controversial issue and so should not be decided by big corporations and instead by time, study, and public opinion. Although the public can be absolutely ignorant, a fair bit of the time they do lean towards the more correct route. Especially when it concerns their entertainment (Taxes are a different matter in terms of public opinion).,1,1091151.story?coll=la-mininav-technology

At the bottom of this article they have statistics listed that totally contradict the article, or at least what appears to be said in the article. The statistics point out that the US is STILL the source for half of the pirated movies out there as of 2006. It is only the "Industry officials" that are predicting a doubling of the amount that are coming from Canada in 2007, which would be 2 x 20%, so 40%. I find that hard to believe as that 20% increase would have to come from somewhere and I dont see movie piracy lessening in any other country, even the US. Later in the article they even state outright that they dont have any numbers on how much piracy has been effected since the introduction of the law making camcorders in theatres illegal... fucking bullshit... How then are they able to predict the exact percentages of pirated material coming from other countries if they cant get data from their own.

posted by biig on Thursday May 10, 2007 @ 09:04:

Hate to say it, but there is already a Canadian DMCA law that has been drafted but not yet submitted. It is based in large on bill C-60 that died on the order paper when the legislature closed up early due to the last election. The current government is just waiting until the political waters are the right temperature for them to introduce the bill and fast-track it through 1st and 2nd readings.

Ignore the fact that we already pay royalties on every piece of hardware and media that *can* be used to 'pirate' material. And ignore the fact that large portions of those items levied are never used for that purpose.

Piracy numbers are made up. It is simply too large and wide-spread to be measured accurately. And even if it was measured accurately, interpretting the data is near impossible. Is pirated material always a lost sale, or would that revenue stream ever existed had an individual not obtained material through questionable means? At this point, opponents and proponents are just divining opinions that are impossible to prove.

And any time legislation is passed on that basis, more harm than good is done.

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