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posted Sunday August 8, 2004 @ 21:29 by nightwolf News

i dont think ive been this bored in ages...

got nothing left in the house to do, cant even watch tv. all ive got left are clothes, a milk crate (my new chair!) and the laptop. i should have copied some movies onto this before moving my other stuff out. only so much i can do on the net before boredom kicks in again. i dont even have my cat to keep me company tonight, blah.

t-minus 3 days till im homeless weee.

i would go out tonight, but so sore and tired from all the moving. i need to find a girl that will give me massages, so sore all over...

im gonna call and get internet disconnected tomorrow, so after that it will be even worse in here heh.

work should keep me busy (unfortunately too busy!) for the next few days. then 3 weeks or so till i can finally move into new place.

ill have a house warming getogether over there for sure once im moved in. its got a nice deck for some chillin...

posted by theferg on Sunday August 8, 2004 @ 21:53:

was that massage comment directed at me wolfie? heh heh....aren't you moving in with scott for a bit? i'm sure he'll give you a big bigger milk crate to sit on at his house :)

posted by wolf on Sunday August 8, 2004 @ 23:02:

no it wasnt, but ill take you up on an offer...

ya moving in with him on wednesday-ish. ill have something more comfy then a milk crate over there. oh joy will cars in the morning be fun...

posted by Powell on Thursday August 12, 2004 @ 15:23:

Its really hard to find a girl that likes to give massages...

They sure like to get them, but give...thats a whole different matter.

posted by biig [website] on Friday August 13, 2004 @ 09:30:

Hehe, indeed. Wolf is now officially in the house.

posted by wolf on Friday August 13, 2004 @ 15:49:

yup. i havent been around this much pussy in awhile.
nope its just cats :(

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