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posted Tuesday August 3, 2004 @ 07:21 by doggy69247 News

ok there are 3 books as u see them on a shelf the covers are 1/4 inch thick the pages are 3/4 inch thick what is the distance between page 1 and the last page in book 3 ?????????? answer will be given next week post your answers:)

posted by wolf on Tuesday August 3, 2004 @ 08:44:

this is actually 2 brain teasers.
1) decipher dans writing
2) the book teaser

posted by theferg on Friday August 6, 2004 @ 12:14:

uh i think 2 and 3/4?

posted by Guest on Thursday August 12, 2004 @ 21:52:

the answer is an inch and 3/4
if u look at the books as they arte on a shelf the first page ov the first book wil be on the right side ov the book and the last page on the book on the right is on the left side so u have a cover on the first book the whole middle book and a cover on the last book :) tricky

posted by wolf on Friday August 13, 2004 @ 15:51:

did Guest get it right? its been over a week now...

posted by dan on Saturday August 21, 2004 @ 21:31:

the guest was me i forgot 2 put my name in the box

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