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In light of the special month that it is
posted Sunday October 8, 2006 @ 11:59 by theferg News

I realized that I didn't actually post about my experiences at the Weekend to End Breast Cancer (been so busy with illness and surgery).

To all of the women on this page (and men too I suppose) I strongly urge you to sign up for next years walk. I had such a blast, it was an amazing event! We had about 5,000 walkers and broke the Canadian fundraising record by raising 17.2 million dollars just for that weekend!

Everyone thinks that walking 60km is going to be too hard but if you train before hand its not all that challenging. The women I trained with in Newmarket were so much fun and offered a ton of advice. We're going to form an offical team for next year.

The route we took in Toronto was beautiful (you walk through some of the most expensive neighbourhoods) and theres like little kids on their front lawns offering you water and cookies, and bikers driving by with their Harleys decorated in pink and purple bras. Its really something you have to see to believe.

And its not that hard to raise $2,000 either (which is the minimum required to walk). This was my first walk and I raised over 3 grand by asking family and friends and having garage sales etc.

It is such a good cause and when you consider that 1 in 11 women will battle breast cancer in their lifetime, its almost probable that someone who frequents this page will have to deal with this disease. You can sign up for next years walk already at I guarantee you'll have a blast!

Hope everyone is having a good thanksgiving weekend.

posted by derek on Tuesday October 10, 2006 @ 23:57:

friends wife from barrie went on this walk also. she was very burned out afterwards also.

good work!

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