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oooh, the insanity
posted Monday October 2, 2006 @ 08:17 by smeetz Rants

Walmart is the single demise of our civilization aka What the fuck are people thinking....

So there I was, at the local Walmart on sunday morning around 10am. I was in the electronics dept. looking for a sd memory card for Lisa and I's new digital camera. When on the other side of the makeshift wall I heard a hustle and bustle. So, me being of inquiring minds went over to take a look.

People are fucking retarded. The walmart employees were beating people away with sticks and trying to tell them that there is a truck load of this stuff so be patient. HAH!!! Right!!! The Retarded were crawling all over each other for said product. Arguing and yelling at each other. It was all I could do not to fall on the floor and laugh my ass off.

What was said product you may be asking? Well let me tell you. It was a $5.97 Charmin Toilet Paper (with a limit of 6 (six) per person.) Retarded were elbowing each other over $36 dollars worth of TP. The only logical explanation is that Hallowe'en is around the corner and this year is going to be hella cool for TPing houses.

To make things worse, the stupid fucking people at McDonald's fucked up my double cheeseburger. But that rant will be saved for another day.

posted by R2K on Monday October 2, 2006 @ 09:05:

its prob the same people that messed up the ferg's car.

posted by theferg on Monday October 2, 2006 @ 12:19:

LOL ya i'd definetly prefer my car to be tp'd than have brake lines cut. It would also be much better than dog shit in the backseat!

I thought you were gonna say a shipment of tickle me elmos were coming in. But I hear a lot of assholes have bought all the stores out and are selling them on ebay for 2x the price. I would love to see a pic on the front page of the Star of Walmart employees decked out in riot gear with batons fighting back a bunch of soccer moms LOL

posted by doggy on Wednesday October 4, 2006 @ 19:38:

thanks 4 another question i have enough fingers 4 :)

yea jay there is a mcdonalds in every walmart so mabie they were sreving shitty food and there was no TP in the washrrom and people were wel sick in some way and needed it realy realy bad :) u never know :)

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