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So my f@$king car was broken into
posted Sunday October 1, 2006 @ 06:46 by theferg

Nice thing to wake up to this morning

I was getting up early to drive Dan to work since his car died Friday night. We got back from Mike's at about 2am, at just after 6am Dan goes out to the car and the drivers door is wide open. We go over to it and nothing appears to be missing (stereo is there, DVD's, clothes, tools etc) but now the car is all wet from the dew.

So we sigh and vow to get me an alarm as well since Dan's car was broken into a month ago and that seems to have deterred the little fu@$ers. We start to drive down the street and my brakes are gone! I slam them to the floor and the car sort of eventually rolls to a stop (we're only going 35 anyway). We drive further down the street, alternating slamming the brakes but theres no pressure at all. Dan gives it a go and says there must be no fluid. So we take a look under a street light and guess what? No fluid. Car was fine 4 hours ago when we drove it back from Mike's and we did errands all day Sat.

So we drive it back to the house, using the ebrake to stop and Dan gets a ride from his brother. I sent in a report to the cops online and it will take them 2-3 weeks to call me back I'm told by a nice claims lady on the phone. She was very interested in the case. After we ruled out that Dan has a crazy other girlfriend on the side that would want to kill me, she suggested just having my mechanic take pix of the brake lines and report back to them if its dodgy. Thats it.

So now Dan and I both don't have cars, I have to call CAA to tow it to Mikes, and get a rental car for the next couple days. Bah!

Ferg out

posted by smeetz on Sunday October 1, 2006 @ 07:54:

Sounds like the two of you either need to move back to the dog patch or downtown....

posted by theferg on Sunday October 1, 2006 @ 13:06:

I tell ya, it seems like we were a lot safer in the dog patch

posted by wolf on Sunday October 1, 2006 @ 22:45:

whens the lease up there? time to move.

posted by biig on Monday October 2, 2006 @ 10:00:

You mean the lease at Ferg's rent's place in the landing? I'd imagine as soon as they buy a place, they'll be giving notice ;-)

Ditto for the dog patch, the problem took care of itself. People were too cracked out to be breaking into cars.

posted by theferg on Monday October 2, 2006 @ 12:14:

Here here! Ya it sort of falls into your favourite category of "darwinian theory". Only 5 months till house hunting :| Waiting to hear what my mechanic has to say.

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