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posted Monday August 2, 2004 @ 20:56 by nightwolf News

ok so i already know how bad mcdonalds is, but it tastes so good! i know i do eat it too often. so i just watched the Super Size Me documentary...

it gave me some new light to the situation. so for this next coming week i am going to try and go cold turkey on mcdonalds. i know i wont be able to avoid all fast food, but its a start.

ive tried in the past to take healthy food to work, but i end up eating it for breakfast then still go out for unhealthy lunches...

according to my BMI*, i'm right at the border of Normal weight|Overweight. i need to get rid of this gut...

* Body mass index (BMI) is measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to both adult men and women. Find yours

posted by Guest on Tuesday August 3, 2004 @ 07:15:

gut i thaught u was as skinny as me :) hehehe

posted by dan on Tuesday August 3, 2004 @ 07:15:


posted by wolf on Tuesday August 3, 2004 @ 08:41:

heh by the spelling, i knew Guest was you dan.

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