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Fuck the cops
posted Friday July 30, 2004 @ 21:57 by doggy69247 News

ok just get out from watching that village movie its messed up !!!!!! ok to the story just get out standing out the front talking as usual i go get the honda and park at the front with all the rest ov the cars warm her up while we chat 2 mins later a short ass cop comes up 2 me and asked me if im seing a movie i said no iv just seen a movei he said wel if u are seing a movie go park and go inside i said noooo iv seen a movie im warming the car up discussing what we are going 2 do now then i wil be gone. ''wel u cant park here so leave'' i look in front ov me there is a mimmivan and behind me there is a volvo he walks back up the stirs and stands there stairing with some woman cop rasist to hondas mother fucking cop GET A LIFE POLIECE FORCE

posted by theferg on Saturday July 31, 2004 @ 11:39:

Calm down sweetie, gonna start an ulcer....

posted by wolf on Saturday July 31, 2004 @ 20:09:

they just wanted you to go on your way so they could pull you over down the road and inspect the fuck out of your car to find what tickets they can give you. they cant give you tickets while your in a private parking lot sitting there. you gotta think like them, power hungry ego pig fuckers.

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