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gas prices...
posted Wednesday July 28, 2004 @ 19:49 by nightwolf Rants

okay to start off, gas prices were 65.5 last nite, this morning?...

Regular: 79.9
Plus: 85.5

I was on empty, so I was planning on just putting in like $5 on my CC this morning. But I get to the local Esso and oh look.. a lil note on the Regular pumps... 'sold out, supreme is 79.9'. So I had a choice of:

Plus: 85.5 (89? octane)
Supreme: 79.9 (91 octane)

Gee which one should I pick? Duh!

So I fill up on Supreme. But I have to laugh. They can sell the higher(!) performance gas for the same price as regular, but it normally sells for like 12 cents more. Gotta love to see exposed overpriced margins.

Not really a whole lot of difference in the octanes there anyways, few parts per million crap. I do find Shells 94 octane (i doubt its really that high) does make my engine purrr a lil nicer once in a blue moon when its not like a dollar a litre...

posted by biig [website] on Thursday July 29, 2004 @ 11:31:

There's a big difference in octanes when you have a high compression engine that is timed for performance. Detonation costs alot more than a buck a litre in the long run :-)

Interesting thing is that you can actually get the chemical they use to increase octane at paint stores by the gallon for a couple bucks and make a 100 tanks of 104+ octane mix for a few cents a tank. Octane is only the rating of how fast the fuel burns.

posted by Guest on Friday July 30, 2004 @ 22:01:

wel why dident u tell me that earlier what is it called u bastard????? biggi that is

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