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Good with the bad (drivers)
posted Wednesday December 7, 2005 @ 08:53 by bigass Rants

On a topic near and dear to our hearts, lets talk about bad drivers and good news. I'll start with the slack jawed dimwit that I followed to work. Mr White GM Cargo Van License plate AECB 296, I salute you with a rude gesture.

While I was following you to work, I noticed the following:

A) It's fucking winter and the roads are shit
B) You don't know or respect the size of your rear-wheel drive vehicle while tailgating, doing 90km/h up Yonge St towards a red light
C) You seem to think right hand turn lanes are for passing, while approaching red lights
D) Red lights don't apply to you
E) Advance greens don't apply to anyone
F) You don't see any problem with cutting up the right turn lane, then blowing a red light and going straight through the intersection during the other sides advance green.

Just... wow.

And because I usually only bitch, lets switch things up and talk about something that warmed my heart yesterday. I actually got a letter from the President of my Bank (ING Direct), congratulating me on my financial management and saving money while the rest of the country spends like credit cards are going out of style. Not trying to sell me anything, just thanking me for being a customer and telling me to keep up the good work.

How often does that happen? I have to say ING has been great, they've never wasted my time and have never depreciated their service or features since I started with them in 1998. In fact, their simple layout and functionality has never needed to be changed, which is a testament to the fact that they got it right (and didn't mess with it). On top of that, I've never paid any service fees, it's simple, there's no fluff, they're not pretentious like most other banks, they pay above and beyond prime savings rates and it's worked flawlessly for me over 8 years with hundreds of transactions. A rare gem, and even rarer in the world of Canadian banks if you ask me.

posted by wolf on Wednesday December 7, 2005 @ 09:05:

ya, ive been very happy with ING also. my only quirk is paying off small balances. i had like $3 in interest on my line of credit, and the minimum i can transfer at a time is $10. minor inconvience, everything else has been good.

posted by R2K on Wednesday December 7, 2005 @ 10:02:

speaking on inconvience, on my way home from the airport i go to take money out of the machine to pay for the cab i was about to go and get (at like 6am monday) and this big screen shows up.....
card cancelled?!?!?
i'm life WTF. of course i tried again on other machines and so on and the same result. i'm pissed and worried.
nothing like being stranded at the airport with no money and bank card. i found out cabs take mastercard though...very handy.

the reason, apparently BMO (my bank) cancelled my card because it was comprimized. the number was stolen or somting so as a safety feature they cancell it. One would logically think maybe they would call me and tell me...but no.
So the lady at the bank got an earfull from me yesterday.

posted by valerian on Wednesday December 7, 2005 @ 16:08:

Almost everyone I know has had their bank cards comprimized in the last month. They need to come up with something more advanced.

posted by theferg on Wednesday December 7, 2005 @ 17:49:

along the topic of bad drivers I ran into a doozie:
Dirty Buick 162 BBR, lets do some math together.

During the 8 km in which I was stuck driving behind you, this is what I encountered:

2: this is the number of times you hit the rumble strip
3: this is the number of times I honked you for drifting into the next lane over
4: this is the number of times you were not paying attention to traffic ahead and let them get like 200 yards ahead of us, just so you could speed up and then slam on your brakes
83+: this is the number of times you weaved back and forth in your lane like you were doing some kind of solo car dance

And Scott, wow your guy takes the cake...

posted by biig on Thursday December 8, 2005 @ 07:59:

I have to say, that brings back memories of city drivers. I guess the question is: what's more annoying? People who are completely oblivious to the road rules, or people who know better and show brazen disregard for them.

posted by wolf on Thursday December 8, 2005 @ 11:58:

ya this morning on the route i take to work, it goes from 2 lanes into 1 at a point. car behind me figured he could pass me, another car and a moving van, all within 50ft on an icy road. i saw it coming, once he was beside me i backed off, cause i knew in half a second he would be diving into my lane again to avoid a ditch.

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