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Everything cold is blue again
posted Thursday November 24, 2005 @ 08:03 by bigass News

Yay, first snow fall - everyone struggles to learn how to drive in Canada again. Traffic and chaos ensues. Days like these make me wish I had a warm fireplace, stack of movies to watch and a day off. Took me about 25 minutes to get to work this morning, twice the average on a clear day. How about you?

posted by wolf on Thursday November 24, 2005 @ 08:24:

shoutouts out to mr. ANDS913, who was driving down the middle of creditstone, pick a lane dumbass. it was an old cadillac.

posted by wolf on Thursday November 24, 2005 @ 21:53:

hello mr.big SUV that thinks their god flying down a snow covered road doing 80. i cant wait to pass you in the ditch up the road. just cause you have a big vehicle doesnt mean you are invincible.

and what is with this new Hummer 3, ugh what an ugly beast. it more pussy then my cat.

posted by R2K on Friday November 25, 2005 @ 05:19:

well it must be nice to have a "long" drive to work and still have it only be about 25 min.
My "long" crappy snowy drive to work was about 2hrs......ya when its usually about 25min.....ya thats quality X360 time being wasted there

posted by biig on Friday November 25, 2005 @ 08:22:

What's this? You told them that you have a 360 and they _still_ made you come in to work? Heathens!

Btw, that hummer/cat comment made me snort coffee.

posted by R2K on Friday November 25, 2005 @ 14:20:

MMMMMmmmmmmm.....snorting coffee,
havent done that in a while

posted by BigDaddy on Friday November 25, 2005 @ 18:31:

I don't think it's the snow that causes the problems, it's the cold freezing peoples brains. It's the only thing that seems to explain the awful driving I've witnessed in the last two days. After two days of taking over half and hour to drive from home to work, and almost being hit 3 times, once by a school bus, I don't know what else to think.

posted by theferg on Friday November 25, 2005 @ 18:53:

nothing beats paying $3000 at a posh eye surgery clinic and then showing up late like a dumbass

posted by theferg on Friday November 25, 2005 @ 18:55:

also had 2 hour drives both yesterday and today to get down to eglington/yonge...i'm used to it but dan is a newbie and its humerous to see him get so frustrated...hmm I wonder if *thats* where I got my ulcer from...

posted by valerian on Friday November 25, 2005 @ 20:13:

I'm glad I don't drive. This way I can still enjoy the snow.

posted by wolf on Friday November 25, 2005 @ 22:30:

im glad i drive, the freedom :P

posted by biig on Saturday November 26, 2005 @ 10:58:

Hm. Makes me wonder if I have an ulcer from all the driving I did back in the Seneca days. One lane open during construction on the 404 during rush hour, 6 inches of snow, stop and go from Aurora to Don Mills/Eglington. Ah yes, wouldn't mind forgetting that day.

Driving is overrated.

posted by theferg on Saturday November 26, 2005 @ 12:02:

So is the unbus lol

posted by dan on Wednesday November 30, 2005 @ 01:05:

hahaha unbuss:)

yea it sux balls people are fucking assholes down there they all push in and then wen i give them shit they honk at me fuck them there are some things u just dont do like pull out of a sideroad wen there aint no fucking way u can get itno the lain im in cus we arnt moveing yet and them block the other 2 lains and look at me like let me in fuck u asshole inpatient prick

and then thers them people on the highway that come on the onramp and as soon as the lain begins on the highway they are busteling there way into the fast lain ahat aint moveing like the rest of the highway u loozer u are just 20 ft sideways from were u started going nowere

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