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Anyone else plagued by the ice this morning?
posted Saturday November 19, 2005 @ 18:24 by theferg

So Dan and I were probably the only losers up at 6 this morning to go to work.

At around 7 I'm ready to leave for work but need to take Lexy out first. Our driveway slopes down about 15 degrees and is covered in ice (that I do not notice in my sleepiness).

I take 2 steps and then everything transfers to slow motion. I slip on the ice. I start to fall backwards so my back contorts into a "c" shape. One leg goes straight into the air like a karate kick and my neck snaps back and I can see the sky.

I must have let out some sort of inhuman grunt or wail because (thank god) it scared the shit out of Lexy. She bolts and is pulling on the leash (still in my hand) for all shes worth and instantly snaps me back forwards to somewhat safe ground. But shes still pulling so now my knees are bent and I'm sliding down the driveway on sheer ice like I'm downhill skiing (but verrry slowly).

Then of course I get control of her, we get to the bottom and hit a dry patch so my feet are all crazy and I stumble onto the dry sidewalk. I take a quick look up and down the street to see if anyone has noticed. Thank god the drug dealers don't get up before noon.

I could pay a chiropracter a hundred bucks for the job I got done in about 1.5 seconds! Slip, ah!, crack, back to earth. An eventful morning and I drove to work feeling a bit sheepish...

posted by doggy on Saturday November 19, 2005 @ 22:53:

and yet i got up be4 her walked 2 my car unscaved and drove out like a shotgun cus i was allitle late :)

but the night be4 i come zooming in the driveway and o stop no im not stopping eeehhh stop then i slide 2 a stop as i hit the garbage bins at the end of the driveway so i guess it could have been allittle slipery :) hahaha

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