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Sooner than later...? Pt.1
posted Friday November 18, 2005 @ 08:49 by bigass Rants

I found myself day dreaming this morning, and I remembered a random moment that interested me. This post will contain writing, with words and such...

Thinking back to college and high school now that I've been 'in the real world' for a few years, it confirms what I always suspected. Anyone who knows me understands that I am not an academically inclined person. To me, 'School' is a microcosm of society, with a curious preference towards injustice, bullshit and indoctrination.

I think this is the case because in the 'real world' the reality will always catch up - you will have to acknowledge the realistic constraints of the environment you live in or you will suffer. Not so, however if you become a teacher! Education systems are frequently devoid of 'reality', and if you seek a thrilling career in perpetuating unrealistic archetypes, teaching is for you! (apologies in advance to Josh who I know will be reading this.. your parents [and my relatives as well] are at times rational islands in an ocean of bullshit).

I my experience, the underlying problem is that today's 'teachers' and educational institutions foster a myopic culture of idealism and blind optimism. And that isn't sustainable - in fact it can be blatantly dangerous. It all boils down to this: As I suspected, most teachers are more useless than tits on a bull when it comes to instilling an accurate world view.

posted by theferg on Friday November 18, 2005 @ 09:37:

Ok Martin Luther King, when you become a big famous rich man you can get away with these long erroneous rants filled with big words about how society is bullshit etc, but since you're still clambering up the corporate ladder like the rest of us schmucks lets keep it simple: you believe that school sucks and teachers are unrealitic and instill a dangerous amount of optimism in their students.

See its people like you that make Dan want to give up reading alltogether! ;)

And perhaps think of the flipside; that some students will never encounter positive feedback, or any kind of optimism in their teenage years? The ones that have no friends and a crappy home life. Whats wrong with teachers giving these kids a little bit of hope that their achievements will be recognized one day and that strength in academics can be revered? Whats so dangerous about priding oneself in getting that "A"?

I sifted through your thesaurus-type rant and found your point, but why be so bleak with the kids! You know that I'm the kind of person that would never tell my kids the dog "ran away to a farm" or argue with them that "santa does exist" but why should the years of 14 through 18 be filled with such negativity and depressing thoughts of the future? Maybe that small amount of optimism and idealism that is influenced in the school years is all that will carry these people through the rest of their lives since they won't find it in the "real world". Better some than none at all.

Maybe these teachers that you disaprove of are actually saving some kids from commiting suicide by fostering this myopic culture of idealism. And who knows, those kids may grow up to work in art or the theatre, where such a reality does exist for them :)

It takes some growing up before you can accept and understand everything that you take in, and having nothing but negativity blasted through you at an early age will certainly take a toll on society's youth. By getting small doses of reality at a time and building up a tolerance in their early 20's they can join the rest of us in society that do realize that nothing that was told to us in highschool was actually true. But give them the time to build up that tolerance! A lot of kids need it.

I do see what you're saying, and there are a speckling of teachers (that I encountered anyway) that carry these values. Thank god there weren't many of them cuz they made school such a drag! Any kid with half a brain and hears their parents rant about taxes, and societies ills etc, knows that the grown up world sucks. Why not let them have their uptopia till their 20 (or if they went to university 24), filled with parties, sex, and sleeping in.

And as an afterthought why always focus on how negative being a "grown up" can be. Is life really all that horrible? Come on, did you really feel like you were led on in highschool? We knew the score, so lets not complain about it now.

We are all healthy bodied people who are able to work and provide for ourselves. We all have this network of friendship; people we can count on. We are still young and the world is filled with countless opportunities should any of us choose to grasp them. Some of us have found love, and lifelong partners. Some of us have found stability in money and take pleasure in the things it can bring. Lets not be so down on the world. The world is whatever you want to make of it - and damn it, even though I had the shittiest 12 hour shift yesterday filled with death and sadness, I am going to make my day off the best friday ever!

Take pleasure in the small things in life. I'm going to see the new Harry Potter movie that I've been looking forward to. I'm going to spend time with my neice. I will expand my mind by reading a new book. I am going to take my dog to the park, and revel in the fact that even though she has been punished by the government to wear a bulky cage on her face -she will still enjoy her walk and roll in the leaves.

"Stop and smell the roses" is good advice. Everyone has their own "roses", so look for them today and take 5 minutes to enjoy them.

btw, this was a lot longer than I originally intended. I am now late for the library to meet my neice, and may or may not have time to fit in my movie this afternoon. Damnit life sucks! ;)

posted by biig on Friday November 18, 2005 @ 11:35:

I really should have made it more clear that there is a part 2 coming with specifics, not just a broad negative "I hate school/establishment" rant. I don't see anything wrong with teachers stopping students from committing suicide, but there's a difference between having ideals and blowing sunshine up people's asses.

Funny, I don't think your post is going to encourage Dan in reading either! I read through your novel and think I got your point... ;-)

I didn't mention anywhere that being a grown up is negative, or life is horrible - so I'm not sure where that afterthrought came from. And yes, everyone is led on in high school and college to some degree. There's no denying it, in fact you seem to agree and encourage it. I'm not being down on the world, I'm being down on teachers and what counts for an education these days. And yes, for some life is that horrible.. though mostly not in this hemisphere of the planet.

Maybe instead of pretending the world isn't such a horrible place, it should be acknowledged that things need fixing. Not "unrelenting negativity being blasted through you at a young age", but realistic appraisal of the world we live in.

Most people I know who became teachers did so to change the world for the better, and I feel you can not do that if you refuse to see the reality around you. Hurrah for ideals and optimism! But you have to realize that it cuts the other way as well.

No, I don't think they instill dangerous amounts of optimism in students. My point is that their world view is skewed and unrealistic, which prevents them from adequately performing their jobs. The basis of education is rooted in accurate understanding. That means distilling and purifying truth, not fallacy, or to use the parlance of our times: bullshit. The result is that there is more bullshit in the world and not less.

And what we need is less bullshit.

Ps. Hope you have a great day off!

posted by smeetz on Friday November 18, 2005 @ 12:54:

you guys have way too much time on your hands.

put me in a boat with Dan on this one.

posted by theferg on Friday November 18, 2005 @ 20:55:

This is something I guess we'll either just agree to disagree or take off bork and continue face to face over a couple of beers :)

posted by Powell on Friday November 18, 2005 @ 21:07:

Philosophers and Experience are the best teachers...they are also the hardest to understand.

The tricky thing about 'understanding' is that one has to use that brain behind the eyes. That in itself will stop most from achieving an understanding greater than that of a pigeon (for lack of a better comparison)

posted by Powell on Friday November 18, 2005 @ 21:08:

by the way...I only read Scott's comments, but I will read Steph's when I get back from the bar, got to go....they are getting drunk without me!

posted by dan on Saturday November 19, 2005 @ 22:56:

2 many big words this is like a fucking dichanery fight :) and i think i spelt the word book thing wrong ahahha :) im looking around the room 4 one but all i see are vet books :) and oasis they were no help :)

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