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posted Monday July 19, 2004 @ 00:01 by R2K News

Just came back from seeing I,ROBOT....

So the movie wasn't that bad, I will never trust anything robotic again. I definently want the car Will Smith drove in it. But I called it about halfway through the movie which really sucked though when you figure it out so early. But none the less, not a bad flick.
It aint the best Mr. Smith has done (ie. M.I.B.) but better than other Sci-fi's out there (ie. Minority Report).
Oh Well, hope Bourne Supremacy and The Village is better and R.E. Apocolipse too.

Got tomorrow off work for a funeral, hopefully I can get some cottage pic's up for you all/ y'all.


R2K out

posted by Powell on Wednesday July 21, 2004 @ 17:21:

Bourne Supremacy, Friday night. Definately will be better, I,Robot was okay. Probably worth seeing on the big screen.

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