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So i officially got my house on tuedays
posted Wednesday October 26, 2005 @ 09:12 by R2K

but apparently it may come with a lawsuit!

So when you take posetion of a house, the previous owners have lagaly till 6 to get the fuck out. keep this in mind.

Lawyer calls me at noon on tuesday. deal is done come get your keys. So i scoot off early, get keys from lawyer (only one which is odd i think). Go to house (5:00) and OMG the words i said afterwards!!!

Crap was everywhere, half paked clothes still in closet, dishes on counter etc. And no one to be found?!?! and to top it all off, the sliding doors in the kitchen were off the track leaning against the fence with the heat (that i am now paying for) blasting, the house was wide open with no one there!.
So of course the WTF followed by the legal things (what if somthing happened, who gets blammed, insurance etc). They have to be out by 6 in theory, if they showed up with a MAC truck and 30 poeple no way they would be out b4 was that bad.
So then they show up while i'm on the phone with my real estate agent (lawyer is gone home its 3 after 5:00). I told her everything.
So i goto talk with the people and find out "whats up". They give me a song and dance about is it o.k. if they come back tomorrow etc. I'm like "get the fuck out"!
So the short of it, i may have to sue or charge them for taking too long (thy were still moving after midnight, i swug by after work) and also they told me they still had keys for the place! They shouldnt. They still wanted to keep some stuff there and just "let themselves in and get it".
Oh and they broke the toilet apparently they told me.
So now i got to inspect the house, if anything is not "how i bought it" or it's clean i could charge tehm again etc.

YAY more stress.
I'll keep u updated

posted by theferg on Thursday October 27, 2005 @ 07:57:

Randy you have been caught in the real estate hellhole that few have, but those that do have the responsibility to tell the world far and wide. You have so far done your bit by posting this information online :)

That is so shitty about the house, and sounds exactly how people in our neighbourhood would move. No fucking respect for anyone (not even themselves if they left the place in that condition) and then its all up to YOU to run around and call people and god forbid a fucking lawyer worked past 3pm eh? Then its a pain in the ass and you have to chase losers like that around with a paper trail and even if you win a court case you still have to squeeze the money out of them and who knows where they are? They prolly moved into the pikey camp that we saw on the way into Dan's hometown :( :(

Really sorry man, this is your first homebuying experience its supposed to be exciting... the only thing you can do is hope and pray is that in the end, they'll get when stupid teenagers are throwing bricks off highway bridges, that they'll be the ones driving underneath...

posted by R2K on Thursday October 27, 2005 @ 08:39:

Oh i got them....muhahahhaha,
they told me that they couldnt find their cat (how do you not move your cat). So they asked "if i found hime could i call them"
I was like, ya if i see it i will toss it in the shed and call ya......
I was serious, i will toss it in the shed.

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