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my life: a quick update
posted Saturday October 1, 2005 @ 18:45 by nightwolf Off-topic

so ya, things are changing...

moving on the 17th of october, so internet and computers will be off from around the 14th cause that weekend i will be at a wedding, then moving monday morning.

ill try and have internet back up around tuesday if i can somewhere temporary. while its down ill have bork redirected to the colo in cali probably, not the full site, just some msg board most likely to keep you kiddies occupied.

my new car is... wicked. i am in love with it, everything i wanted and more. so ya, rock on! old car is still in the driveway, gotta sell it soon, got nowhere to put it when i move.

other stuff? nothing else is new. still single, which sucks, but ive got no spare time/money, so i guess it will be like that for awhile longer heh.

you will probably see me on the webcams over the next bit as ive got a crap load of stuff to pack. ive barely started and got less then two weeks left. (webcam link is over there on the right ---->)

hrm what else can i write here to take up space? in the new place im going to, im taking over the basement, which is unfinished, so it will be awhile before im ready for some hang outs there. my first plan of action is to put in a bathroom down there, im not walking upstairs all the time! espically since it has a nice walk out deck and stuff. ill have it pimped out in no time... thats easy to say though, scotty is still pecking away at his pimp shack. (scott, thats your cue to post pics of your current progress for everyone to see)

oh ya, avoid certas for insurance, they like to rip you off badly. im paying $2K less a year at another place now for my new car.

posted by wolf on Saturday October 8, 2005 @ 13:17:

cavalier is sold.
and ive got a week left till moving date.


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