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heh heh heh
posted Tuesday October 23, 2001 @ 21:13 by theferg

the ferg sees "post news" and an evil smile crosses her pissed off face! >:(
ferg is "not in a good way" right now is the best way to describe it...not only is she missing her biigie and all of her friends (limey homey came home tonight and i've never missed him so much in my life) but she just found out that ferg's "close" group members of which she has to work with the rest of the fucking year were talking a bunch of shit behind her back....ferg is ready to knock some heads loose! apparently i'm "not all with it in the head"? i'll show you not all with it you CUM GUZZLING QUEEN! (lol bit of tollbooth willy there for a sec)

so i beat the shit out of the walls in my house, am frantically sucking all my cigarettes but stupid big and stupid roomate kelly won't let me light them....nooooo! everyone is against me....ooh i'm gonna kick some ass tomorrow...i CANNOT be nice to these ppl tomorrow..reminds me of all the shit i went through with my dog last year...thought it was all over...well its not...

ok so this is a full fledged mood swing! msg from big was good to make me smile for a min but now i just miss him more....bahhhhhh!!!! so who else thinks i'm wrong in the head! anyone else wanna have a go?? i can just see big reading this going back under his rock...not this bad this time babe, just...argg...this is what happens when you smuck 39 girls into a 2 year program working closely in the middle of butt fuck nowhere....we get sneaky and the knives aimed at the backs come out..well do NOT piss the ferg off cuz i'm bustin out a can of whoop ass...

ferg out (of her mind to sooome ppl) grrrr

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