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First Day Of Work..
posted Thursday October 25, 2001 @ 18:12 by valerian

Today would have been perfect if my feet didn't start hurting.. it only made the day seem to go slower.. I saw nightwolf at the computer desk.. (oh big shock), I didn't see him leave though cause I was with my manager helping her look for a recept..
The girl who's training me is kinda nice, she's damn moody though, really doesn't look like she enjoys her job.. I felt like kicking her in the ass when she was getting nasty with people.. bitch..
She took a longer break then any of the other CSRs and they were bashing her while she was gone. I joined in.. She looks like an alien.. unfortunatly - we share the same name.. she's now labled 'old sarah' and I'm 'new sarah'.. lovely.. or 'sarah 1' and 'sarah 2' She's leaving in january though (aww darn).. she's going away to school.. by 6:30 I was running across the parking lot to my dad's man.. this should make for an interesting job I've gotta say..

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