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Smashbang weekend madness
posted Saturday October 27, 2001 @ 17:49 by theferg

first off, glad to hear that sarah2 is having a pretty good time at work, although most of the futureshop ppl i have come into contact with are braindeads with no idea what they are doing..hopefully you can shake things up and make a change! :)

well well...this weekend...sigh...what to say what to say...not much studying was done on thurs night, but ferg took her 4 hours sleep and ended up doing ok on her lab animal science midterm anyway (ya kick ass!)....we watched smackdown, had a "reading party" on the "love raft" (ask Big) and had fun with some whip cream :)
...could not believe came home fri after school and the house was clean, dishes were done, the guys had shopped in the day and cooked! ahhh! who took away my friends and replaced them with these domesticated girly-men! lol no no, ferg was *very* impressed :)

fun was actually had friday night at the local pub The Arlington where everyone got trashed, danced, played pool, came back to our place, where josh, big, and ferg had very heated, fist banging discussions about politics, law enforcement, the taliban and friendships... :)

so all in all lots of fun was had, tons of bacon was consumed (like in every meal...), and now i miss my homeys even more...but hopefully next weekend will be a big reunion in waterloo (unless big has to work in which case i will have to wait for the next time they come up or i go home)...

ferg is once again in a good proper mood, ready to go off babysitting in < an hour...calming down from a drunken "adult" weekend by having a quiet, responsible night with the cutest 6 month old baby you will ever see (pics will be posted soon) ...
laterz all,

ferg out
p.s. big - can't even find the words...every time i think a weekend can't be topped, it can're the best :)

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