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posted Saturday October 27, 2001 @ 20:43 by bigass

Here is a post from R-2k (

Well it was a vey interesting week hanging with Big. First we attacked and conquered Ottawa ......(by "accidently" knocking many different construction items in the canal) was one kick ass b-day for me.
Then when the 22 days of R-2K was supposed to end, we pick back up and went to good old Ridgetown to see the Ferg (with Josh hitching a ride). We had many drinks, met MANY people and kicked al their ass at pool!! We also cleaned the entire house of Ferg (call us Masters of the Universe).

Now we are on the 26th day of R-2K and we have arrived in Waterloo. Another big night seems to be ahead of us to keep the tradition alive. Today is the absolute last day of R-2K so we will be going full out, coming back to Josh's pad, sitting on the driveway and hitting on all the ladies as they walk by........." you doing"
Well off to finish off the b-day celebration of R-2K......thanx to al who kept it alive and support this annuall fund. I think tomorrow we will all need lots of coffee. Glad i don't have to drive home tomorrow (haha....BIG).
And with these final words of wisdom always remember.....when in doubt..... use the SHOCKER!!!!!
R-2K out

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