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my weekend so far..
posted Sunday October 28, 2001 @ 16:13 by valerian

Yesterday I work again.. my feet are in worse shape then they were when I was doing ballet, swear on that..
After I got home and had a quick bite, prettied myself up and so on, I went to the movies with a co-worker... I had TONS of fun, and saw a kick ass movie.. "The Last Castle" I seriously reccomend it.. It's the best movie (asside from american pie 2, and the fast and the furious) that I've seen in awhile!
and then I stayed up til 3:30am talking on the phone..
today I worked at the other place.. and now I shall nap.. even though I promised my sister I'd print her some tags for her candles.. but I'm sure she'll understand if I put them off til later-ish..
Tonight we're going out again.. I dunno where though, but I'm sure I'll enjoy myself just the same..

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