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well well well
posted Saturday November 3, 2001 @ 12:03 by theferg

the weekend is finally here...
steph and kelly's halloween pizza - wrestling ppv party was a success, except for the part before hand where we got stopped by the po...
since there was no kids coming to our house (that we frantically decorated smashbang after school) ferg decided to take it to the streets, so we drove around in the back of our friend greg's pick up truck, stopping when we saw kids so ferg could jump out and make them take some candy...then the po started following us and since we had beer and one friend was holding illegal substances we all bailed at the next corner and had to walk for a half hour the looong way back home so we woudln't run into them again...our one friend troll (see pic in my section) apparently joined a family of trick or treaters and the cops drove straight past him (lol - ahh..if you knew this guy...its so something that he would do)

so yes greg was upset that we all bailed on him and he had to talk to the po (glad they didn't have police dogs that could smell the illegal substances that HE had)...but all was well when we met back up at ferg's house and had fun (pics to be posted soon when they get developed)...

so since kelly is at at cpr course (woo hoo happy that i took mine in may) all day i've got all day to clean, do homework and hang with the 2 princesses (see pic posted in my section - god i'm so whipped by the dogs) :(

thats all for now i suppose...
oh ya - big - i have some suggestions for a halloween costume for you tonight:
1) a flamboyantly gay man
2) a monk (a fun lovin monk though)
3) an old man with no interest in sex
4) a blind man

lol - i think you get the idea...have fun tonight without me :|
ferg out

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