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posted Sunday November 11, 2001 @ 01:21 by theferg

with regards to the skatepark...."if you get fucked up?"
uh, hon, i hate to mention it don't skate! so i think it would be safe to assume that if you do step onto the board, that you will get fucked which case we should see some nice pics coming soon right? lol

don't mean to be mean babe - i would do so much worse and we both know it ;)

ferg out
p.s. i'm going to make efforts to come home w/e 23-25 (already turning down work) so you'd better start doing the same ...if your boss needs an excuse, tell him your sweet, loving, *lonely* gf is coming home and needs maximum tlc...and if he gives you the w/e off, tell him as an incentive i'll visit him next w/e! lol jk...

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