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Survival Story
posted Thursday November 29, 2001 @ 12:09 by bigass

Well, it was pretty crazy this morning. Me and wolf were in the shit, it was pouring freezing rain, hurricane force winds and subzero temperatures. Everything was fine until we started the trek to school from our illegal (did I say illegal, I meant free) parking spot. Next thing you know we couldn't see 10 feet in front of us and the only beacon of hope was the brake light we saw in the horizon.

Guided by the obnoxious exhaust tone, we made our way towards the ricebox. After we managed to take cover under his spoiler, and hid inside the huge exhaust I decided we should wait the storm out. During the wait we saw tit-mouse using her hair as a raft to make her way to the campus building. Arriving to Hardware 303 30 mins late, we told the whole class of our heroing tale.

And that was only the beginning...

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