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posted Tuesday December 11, 2001 @ 15:41 by theferg

who says that smirnoff, jube jubes and cookies aren't good for you..i beg to helps me deal wiht the fact atht i jsut failed 3 exams this afternoon and will now have to study over my xmas brake and pay from my own pocket to write th tests over again...fuckijg wonderful..fucking love this all 14 of my vices are now reawakened and being embraced fondly so that i don't put my own or someone elses head in a wall...and you wonder why ppl start doing drugs...

so i gues this is a shout out to all ppl suffering from exam depression hardcore...i'm with ya, and if you wonder how bad off you are, take comfot in konwing you're prolly not worse off than me
ferg out

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