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F'n Po
posted Sunday November 24, 2002 @ 00:33 by pring

Grrr... I'm driving home from Nicole's.. I come down dunlop and go down the onramp going south and what do I see? 6 cruisers and 8 police men/women wearing what appeared to be blue striped tights. one of them, a chick, asks me when I had my last drink. I honestly say "2 months ago" and chuckle. She does too. Then another cop comes up behind her and reminds her that my plates were due April 02. I said "oh crap" I forgot to put them on. I just put this car on the road for the winter. She asks for my license and ownership and in the process of getting it I go past my insurance card (past due - the card, not my insurance) and she asks for that. Now I know that they cant check up on insurance. The card is their only way. But she doesn't realize that I know this. She asks if I "really" have insurance cuz "she CAN check" I said, "Yep, i do. No prob. Go a head".. she comes back a few mins later and is flashing her light at my VIN number and comparing it to the one on my ownership. What did she think? It was stolen? She walks to the window and asks if I had the car painted recently. I suddenly remember something about possibly having to notify the minstry of transportation of a colour change. She reminds me that one has 6 days from the time its painted to notify the MTO. She runs back to her car and returns in a few minutes. She reminds me that not having the proper stickers displayed is a $70 fine, not having updated insurance cards is a $100 fine and not having an updated colour for a car is a $110 fine and she conclude by say "get the picture??" . All in all I drove away with a slap on the wrist which is really more than I wanted at 1:00 am. I just wanna sleep. Grrrrr

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