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posted Tuesday June 26, 2001 @ 22:57 by valerian

I went and saw The Fast and the Furious last night with a friend. I'd just like to say that if you're a big car person, if you like cars even a little, or you like seeing muscular hot guys drive really fast spiffy cars... You've GOT to see this movie.. It has a 94 Toyota Supra in it.. and you'd think judging from the commercial or the trailer that it has absolutly no plot.. but it does! And it keeps you gripping your seat.. I swear after this movie, you will want to find out where they have the nearest illegal street car races because you'll want to be in it! And if you're not as gutsy to do that, I bet you'll be racing out of the parking lot.. infact I PROMISE you will be.. Remember the movie Gone in 60 Seconds? it's better. Only thing missing is Angelina Jolie... that would make a *perfect* movie!
aah.. bedtime now..

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