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posted Thursday June 28, 2001 @ 22:10 by theferg

ferg is in a good mood today and so will be posting in the first person (grammar?).. ;)similar experiences to valerians working in Great Canadian News in the mall (people PLEASE come by and see me, it gets extremely boring altho i can read all the mags i want) so i can relate totally....whether its the escaped psycho guy that bought exactly $664.50 in lottery tickets the other day, or the 95 year old lady yelling that i was stealing 5 bucks from her i get my share of advice is to tell your chinese friend that you have plans every night with your well built bf (whether you have one or not)...i'm going out on a limb here guessing he's not a giant or anything (being prejudiced against chinese ppl for a sec) so it might work...and cudos on the popsicles...whatever you want to eat SHOULD be fine with everyone - its summmer, its hot, ppl shouldn't expect anymore right?! lol

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