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posted Friday July 2, 2004 @ 19:03 by R2K News

So look out all you cottage country cougars who put lip stick on w/out even taking that smoke out of there mouth.......

R2K is coming to cottage country....and well, i'm afraid man.
Afraid for me life. I have no protection from these cougars except for a case of beer.
Now that may solve the whole prob. all togather, i just have to make sure i drink soooo much that they still look good in the morning.
and if worse comes to worse, i think i still have some ORIGIONAL lawn darts. the kind that actually WERE darts. the ones that were banned for some kid getting..well...uh... lawn darted i guess.
Managed to find a net for some vollyball or somthing, BIAGSS has already claimed to break it b4 the weeks over. I told him i have claimed thet he owes me $40 if he breaks it b4 the weeks over.

Well off I am,
See you all when i get back

R2K out

P.s. I wounder how many people we will run into that know me up there :)

posted by bigass on Friday July 2, 2004 @ 20:57:

Aww.. a whole week!? That's a long time to keep your shit intact :-(

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