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Ah rats..
posted Tuesday July 3, 2001 @ 11:19 by bigass

So my brother is going up to grandma's for some family something-or-other related to Canada Day. My Step mom and my Dad leave to take him there. Before they leave they mention one little thing:

Them: "Oh, and can you feed the snake?"
Me: "Sure, no problem.. I don't have any phobias with dead mice and snakes" (what's the worst that could happen?)
Them: "Great, there's a mouse we took from the freezer on top of the cage, just feed it to the snake in 20 minutes"
Me: "Aight (Typing away)"

23 minutes later, I`m thinking about feeding the snake..
  (feel the fury mitch, *dum*)
  (feel the fury mitch, *dum*)

and I`ll be damned if I look over at my printer and see a fucking live mouse looking right back at me only a foot away, whip it's tail around and scurry down behind my computer. Now I`m not scared of mice, but the shock value associated with that moment was high.

Run around my desk, try and catch the mouse to no avail, run to michael's room.. the frozen mouse is gone.. vanished! So now this fucking BIONIC mouse has thawed himself, somehow got his heart beating again and can climb and run in my room like nothing happened to him. THIS IS INSANE!! Nightwolf came over, we had a good hunt and the mouse is still loose. Is this even physically possible?? And of all my cats, none of them feel the need to find this rodent - unbelievable. I guess that's the price of domestication.

It looked like a scene out of Fear and Lothing in Las Vegas, me and nightwolf tip toeing around, paranoid of some delusional hallucination. Just grand..

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