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posted Wednesday July 4, 2001 @ 21:37 by nightwolf

so ya. was a good movie, awsome cars, wouldnt mind one if my income was like not null. which reminds me, going for a job interview tomorrow, woohoo. me and bigass went downtown today to slap around Seneca admin for fscking up our invoices, with a $1250 hole in our pockets we left (bigass also tresspassed onto some field by the school where we parked hehe). got my hair cut today, dont know if tahts good or bad, needed a cut, but now more of my face is visible *ugh*... probably gonna head to bed soon, had a 2 hour nap earlier, long day, espically with the 2-3 hours sleep last nite. im gonna have to hunt down some more professional clothes in my closet if i have any for the interview. wow this is getting to be a long post, i wonder where that mouse in bigass's house went, ROCK ON MOUSE! er DIE MOUSE... hope i didnt scare valerian with my driving on the way home last nite heh. somehow wasnt in drive gear when i left, so changed gears half way down the road... squealed whats left of my tires braking, which also reminds me i need new ones this winter cause there isnt much tread left... chow for now.

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