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posted Thursday July 12, 2001 @ 21:10 by pring

Of all the things man.. 2 days ago I call Dave. His sister answers and she starts hassling me about this buck'n'doe (??) she is throwing for a friend of her and can Dave and I DJ it. I say "sure, why not?" and then find out that Dave is playing soccer that night. So now im stuck DJing for my friends sisters friends whom I don't know. Fun eh? Mrrr... Beashit I tell ya...

Todays lesson: Wait for the air sander to stop spinning before putting it down - or putting it near your finders.. Almost lost one there.. It did give me a good idea for a colour though. Any idea if you can get a blood red paint? Mmm.. Love the sight.. Anywho.. must go kill something now I guess..


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