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posted Monday July 16, 2001 @ 10:05 by theferg

so i am no longer a teenager...the big 2-oh...boy do i feel old...b-day was good, had a fun quiet day, opened a few presents (didn't get the camera i wanted, oh well theres always next year, or my own money) and hung out basically...
the gang attempted to celebrate this fabulous event by going down to the phoenix saturday night...plans were put on hold when the ack basically choked us off the highway...needless to say big was not impressed...but we had a surprisingly enjoyable ride back with the tow truck driver (who races a 67 mustang btw)...however josh, limey, and chris had to get their own ride back to nwkt...we ended up back at josh's house where i got considerably drunk playing asshole and watching What women want (not my pick everyone!) so next sat we're trying again! :)

so today i've got a million things to do (including fixing up my room that the beast is slowly destroying, and then buying food for the beast so she has energy to continue this behaviour) lol i'm also calling about getting a third job (working where big is now - joining my buds in the factory work quartet! so wish me luck everyone :)

ferg out

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