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I`m sore, but I`ve never felt so free...
posted Wednesday July 18, 2001 @ 16:29 by bigass

Working factory jobs sucks when you need money to pay for school and stuff. But that makes you money.. which is good. But it makes you tired.. which is bad. But it makes you sleep better when you're tired.. which is good. But you have to work every day.. which is bad. But it's only until the end of the summer.. which is good.

I`ve been informed by multiple sources that I need to change my profile and post news more often.

Nightwolf: Not as good as the time that I was doing my G2 and my battery went dead as soon as the guy got into car and I tried to start it.
Nightwolf's mom: Wear your seatbelt, you never know when you might T-Bone a shiney yellow MR2 (and you won't get thrown clear).
Ferg: Happy Birthday, I havn't forgotten.. just workin' them nights.. (soon enough).
Gary: Don't muck your car up too much (remember the cellphone?)
Valerian: You can drive next time :)


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