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posted Saturday July 21, 2001 @ 19:30 by nightwolf

i think my days are limited for getting a speeding ticket, i cant get away with it forever. but ive got the Need for Speed syndrome like bigass. friday coming home from barrie around 1am i was doing like 160ish im guessing in a 100 zone, guessing since my dash only goes to 140. then going through bradford i was doing about 20 over, but the cop i passed at an intersection didnt seem to care. i need to get an intercom system for the house i think. when im down in the basement, sometimes my mom yells down thinking i can hear here, she just keeps yelling and i have no idea what shes saying. gets annoying. ah well, cant wait till im done school, then im outta here...which reminds me, like less then 6 weeks till schell is back on, ugh, the horror...

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