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posted Thursday July 26, 2001 @ 07:17 by theferg

wow, i never thought working 3 jobs would be so hard! ;) night shifts and these 14 hour days are just killing me...and my dog apparently gazes soulfully out the bay window into the street where she last sees me leaving...oh great, the big bad pit bull has become the worlds biggest suck now just cuz mommy's working a lot...what can ya do tho eh? bills to pay...chest pains caused from stress? well that would be my guess..since i don't have time to go to a doctor (oh god - i never thought i'd be too busy to go to a doctor but its true) so i'll pretend to be one (ferg puts on her lab coat from the closet)

me: "well miss ferguson it seems you have chest pains caused from stress"
me: "really?"
me: " seems your pleura membrane is aggitated from lack of sleep, bodily stress and breathing in second hand smoke at work"
me: "wow, i'm glad we had this little talk doctor"
me: "yes i know i'm very smart...its hard to see a good doctor, especially when you're really busy!"
me: "youuuu said it!"

and now i must go...

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