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oh right nightwolf....
posted Sunday July 29, 2001 @ 16:57 by theferg

sure nightwolf, like you've never given medical advice to yourself as yourself...and besides - i slept those off so now they're gone :P
It doesn't matter now anyway cuz i'm going to lose my factory job in a week because the company is downsizing and cancelling my midnight shift and if i take a possible afternoon shift opening i'll never see big again sooo....
a job hunting i'll go, a job hunting i'll go, hi ho the dairyo a job hunting i'll go... :(
oh and just to clarify now when i leave lex will run to the frontdoor, backdoor, and bay window doing her growl/whine keeping everyone awake, making it very difficult for me to go out at night and enjoy myself cuz i keep getting static when i come home at night....
sigh, ferg out

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