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Home at last...
posted Tuesday August 14, 2001 @ 15:33 by theferg

well its nice to sleep in a bed again! bon echo trip wasn't without its ups and downs, but the weather agreed with us 100%, the hot dogs that were consumed in abandon were mostly cooked every time and the water for teeth brushing wasn't too gross. Lexus had a great time, she went rock climbing with us up to the cliff twice, was fine in the canoe (slurping water from the side as we're paddling), and protected us each night from the federales...

50 pictures (fuck thats a lot!) are getting developed as we speak, i don't even wanna guess as to how much thats gonna cost (ouch) but will be posted soon, in which case derek can set up some sort of link to them in case anyone out there cares to look at them :)

off to work now, laterz!
ferg out

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