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Smooth easy riding attitude
posted Thursday August 16, 2001 @ 07:04 by bigass

Camping was a blast last weekend, things we learned:

-Federales don't like pitbulls
-Pitbulls don't like federales
-Half cooked hotdogs are not the best dinner before getting insanely drunk
-Half cooked hotdogs arn't the best dinner ANYWAYS
-Theferg will do anything once if you bug her enough (re: jump off a cliff, "everybody's doing it!")
-Ottawa is NOT 1.5 hours from BonEcho(cloyne) no matter how hard your best friend tries to convince you after 3 hours of driving there
-Working the nightshift the night before and the night after camping is not a good idea.

"Cause right now on earth i can't do shit, without the man fuck-ing with it"

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